Trying to get cards to sync without breaking the world

Basically I’m trying to make a bunch of cards be in the same position to everyone, but all those synced variables are not playing nicely when i need to sync something else. I only need the cards to send an update when they are drawn. even if its just on the first frame of them being picked up.

I’m hoping there’s a way to make a synced variable inside of onpickup() so the variable isn’t sending stuff every update, but I can’t figure out how to make that happen.

If there’s a graph solution then id be willing to use that too but there doesn’t seem to be.

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I’ve come up with a pseudo solution. basically each card has a draw button and those are randomized locally, but the button deletes itself once used. There are problems with people joining late since this whole thing works off of sending network events instead of having synced variables. It works great for what i need it for but the above info would still be very helpful for a ton of stuff. My solution will not work for normal cards I’m afraid but if it’s helpful to anyone then here you go.


basically this is a card and draw button combo. the texts are the card text.

simple code that shuffles the draw buttons. the randoms will be local but that doesn’t matter since the cards can only be picked once.


I can’t figure out how to put network custom events in without graphs so here is the thing that sets the card to true for everyone. in my game cards are revealed instantly. All cards are placed in the center of the board and disabled so there location doesn’t need to change, they just poof into existence.

When interacting with the card, the card disables itself along with the button that drew it. that event is also sent to every client. Also you don’t need the second set active in hindsight since the button is a parent to the card in my example but I’m afraid to change anything cause it works.