Trying to add custom tweaks to idle animations for wings and tail, need help!

Hello! I am very new to VRC and even newer to Unity. I am working on my first avatar which is an anthropomorphized dragon character. She has some extra extremities–namely, wings and a tail–to which I would like to add idle animations. I’ve already got the tail controlled by dynamic bones, but I would like to use a custom animation to drive the wing flap. While Unity is still greek to me, I have much more experience in Blender and have made my animations there. My question is twofold:

  1. How can I bring these animations into Unity? Further, how can I get them into an animator controller? (I realize this a more generalized Unity question but pointers on what to google would be great!)
  2. How can I add my animations to the Playable Layers? ANSWER: Nevermind, I found a fantastic post that goes over this in detail!

I’m struggling here since most tutorials I can find are for Avatar 2.0, but I’d really like to figure this out for 3.0! TIA :slight_smile: