Trying to add a particle system to my avatar on its skinned mesh renderer

Hi ya’ll! So i’ve been trying to solve this myself for about a few days and I just can’t. I am trying to add a particle system that covers my avatar in a glowing aura but dosent cover my avatars body, just around its outline/shadow. I thought I could do this using a particle system shaped to either my body mesh or my bodys skinned mesh. However, when I get all my configurations out of the way and I test it in unity the particles parents completely linked to my avatar, they lag behind which I dont wan’t. AND ON TOP OF THAT, when I test it out in VR the particles dont even follow my body at all, they stay in a basic t-pose position outline. This is very annoying and I just want to solve it. If its any help for what I am trying to accomplish, I am trying to make a Jojo stand so it would have a glowing/emitting aura. I will attach a few of my pictures below. And yes I have tried using a parent constant on my avatars wrist.

What I would like my avatar to look like all the time

Testing stuff. You can see the settings I have for my testing shader and it dosent work how I want it too.