Trouble with baking lights in VRC World Creation in Unity

I have a problem with generate lightning, when ever I try to generate the light it always ends up in the 6/11 visibility & then it keeps saying “system out of memory” & “Failed executing external process for ‘Visibility’ job” & never continues, it just gets stuck. I’ve got 32gb of physical memory & 6gb of vram on my rtx graphics card
I’ve tried closing absolutely Any & Everything! having only the unity program it self open & running.

It’s a large world, where you can both go inside & outside the house.
The outside is large, but mostly empty only consisting of trees, a river, 3 benches & some street lights put near the benches & I’ve tried 3 times to generate lighting. but to no avail & it takes somewhere between 3-4 hours just to get to the same progress where I get stuck again.
please someone help me!