Trouble Updating a World

Hello! I have a world that I’ve uploaded, and I want to update it but for some reason the control panel is gone and replaced with a dropdown menu saying “utilities”, and there are a lot of errors in the console. I think it’s because I wanted to use the objectsync script that wasn’t in my project for whatever reason so I imported SDK2 and now everything is broken. If there’s any way to rescue my project I would love to know

Note, sdk 2 and 3 aren’t compatible. at all.

to fix the issue though, there are 2 main ways.

  1. save the scene in unity, go to where the scene is saved (in unity) and right click → export unitypackage

this will export the world with all dependencies. make sure you untick anything vrc related. (e.g sdk 2, or sdk3)

  1. remove the vrchat sdk folders and udon folders. there are a couple of them in various places not just the assets folder.