Trouble creating a working vending machine

Hello, I’m trying to create a vending machine in my world. However, I’m having trouble with doing so.
You see, I have a working script, it spawns in a soda can based on a variable, it uses a prefab to spawn one in, it is all well and good, and works fine, problem is, no other players can see it, and when other players use the same vending machine, they have an inability to pick them up.

I don’t quite know why this is happening, so I ask here incase someone might be able to help me out.

Here is currently what I’ve got in Unity:

I believe I have to do syncing of some sort, so I did try to sync the amount of soda cans left, if someone could help me out with this bit of trouble i’m facing, it would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you.

Footnote: It is worth mentioning, that the script is connected to a button, and each button has the same script, but different variables, different amount, different spawners, different soda to spawn. It is easiest solution I found to make this function, as far as I know, everything should still be the same across buttons.