Trigger event not working on Unownd Object

Hi, i’m new in working with Udon. I am trying to make a jukebox using the Video player. I want that every one can use the serchbar to add somethings to my Queue. The Queue and all woks, but only the owner can Add links right now. I’ve seen a tutorial, where the guy made an on select event (Event Trigger (skript)) that checks if you are the owner, and if not makes you the owner of the video player. I tryed it, but when i try to test it, only the owner is able to trigger the even. Is there some way non owners can trigger the event so they can become owners ?

Are you using the default video players that come with the SDK, or did you write one yourself?

I am using the video player component, but i worde a custom script to controll it.

There is code to set the owner of an object (not the room master that I’m aware of). I’m not certain how it would fit into your own custom script.

using VRC.Udon.Common.Interfaces;

if (!Networking.IsOwner(gameObject)) {
Networking.SetOwner(Networking.LocalPlayer, gameObject);
(assuming that you’re using udon sharp, I’m not sure how to use the udon graph)