Tricky drone puppet animation challenge (any help appreciated)

so i bumped into this youtube video

this fella seems to have figured out a way to make an actual flying drone that can be controlled via puppet controls

i was wracking my brain as to how they actually did this… sadly there’s no instructions in the video as to how.
so i tried it out myself and ALMOST got it.

i can basically fly it around in the editor without issue using nothing but the animator
problem is my method uses Root animation and its dependant on this little check box

ingame this does not seem to work though… meaning my animations just sort of snap back to their default position after every loop

only way i see my method working is if you can somehow apply root motion in game or if there’s a way to control parameters of a seperate animator from the root animator

as of right now im stuck
hoping somone reading this either knows how to solve my specific problem or knows of another way to make this kind of drone work.

thanks in advance for any help.

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I’ve got a prefab for avatars 2.0 that might be useful to take a look at. I wouldn’t recommend using it as-is since it’s like a year old at this point and can be done much better now with constraints and avatars 3.0 :

The tl;dr (IIRC) is a fixed-joint on the drone to a child object of the drone. You animate moving the child forward a bit, the drone (and thus parent transform) snaps to the new location, the animator tries to move it forward again, etc. It’s a janky way to hack together an applied root transform.

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thanks for the reply :3
i’ll definitely have a look at this…
its definitely more of a hacky way to achieve the same kind of goal but if it works im not one to complain.
im probably going to try this and also an option using particles just to see whats possible.