Toggle size?

Trying to make an animation to change the size of my avatar. As of now when I attempt it using an animation it goes to the right size then either crumples into a ball or falls into the floor. Any tips on resizing my avatar via animations?

I think you may need to use the Animator Temporary Pose Space state behavior. It pretty much just moves your view ball to where the head should be in the animation. It’s a little bit of a pain to work with and am not sure if there are any good guides out there yet:

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That page seems to specifically warn against doing what OP is trying to do though lol

Animator Temporary Pose Space should only be used when the view height needs to update due to a posture change, like sitting or laying on the ground. It cannot be used to "scale" the avatar being worn, and will cause major breaking problems if used in this manner.

What you’re doing very likely does not work unless you have the component “Remeasure Avatar” however this component has never made it into a release build and was removed in the Open Beta 3 months ago due to issues it had.

VRChat says they plan on re-implementing it but that was stated 3 months ago.

yeah it deffo does not work. unless im sitting or in some kind of animation. If im small and make myself big standing I crumple. If im big and make myself small while standing I kinda float a little but it works sort of. I know its a weird thing. Always curious why they remove stuff like that. Was there a rash of regular size people growing to unimaginable size?

Can read what VRChat said about it when they removed Remeasure Avatar for VRChat Open Beta 2020.3.2, build 968. (Release Candidate)


  • The Remeasure Avatar State Behavior has been removed pending redesign and re-implementation
  • The initial implementation was experimental, insufficient in filling its purpose, and had more than a fair share of design and integration issues
  • We plan on redesigning this feature and re-implementing it in a more functional, less buggy manner that will support a wider range of use cases, and be tolerant to continued updates and upgrades
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Honestly the only reason I want this is because I use a small avatar and I thought it would be hilarious to go from my tiny size to regular size without changing avatars. I can see how this could get way out of control without some sort of constraint though after playing around with it. Thanks for the input! (=^.^=)