Toes point in direction head is looking when crouching

So this isnt a game breaking issue i should say but, it is unwanted and i would like to see if i can get rid of it. So first off let me tell you what i do know whats going on. In unity i do have the force locomotion box turned on for 3-4 point tracking. The 6 point off, The character does walk when it is standing. but when i crouch or prone it stops auto stepping, i did some looking and in the debug console on the “upright” value, auto steps stops working when below .60 . Is there a way i can edit that upright value. i want it to force locomotion when i crouch so it doesnt look so weird. also this isnt a problem on my 2.0 avatar. so idk whats going on. if you can help me i would greatly appreciate it.

Nothing can be done about the auto footsteps.