(tips) how to install gogo loco and clothes easily on avatars


This post is not for me, I decided to make this post to share a really useful tool with you people,

As you might know if you’ve been using Booth.pm avatars before, it is quite the hassle to add Gogo Loco on them, HOWEVER, here’s a simple and free solution to your problems !

VRCfury, is an amazing tool and easy to use to add gogo loco to your avatars, it also works for clothes and help on other things such as making an avatar Quest compatible. Very easy to use : download it, and import the installer in your unity project. Their site has tutorials on how to use it for every examples used above.

Here’s the link for the site :

It worked great for me, saves an awful lot amount of time.

Hope, it will help you guys too ! c:

Welcome to VRChat, Aki! A quick forum search found 8 posts (including yours) regarding VRCFury, it is useful for adding a number of cool things to your avatar, GogoLoco being one of them.

Anyone needing help on this, the VRCFury website has some great info, though specifically for GogoLoco you’ll need to do a few steps which might not be obvious to everyone …


  1. Get the VRCFury package added to VCC, you’ll then add the repo to your project as with any of the add-on packages. The URL needed for VCC is simply https://vcc.vrcfury.com/

  2. Get the latest version of GogoLoco - a number of features have changed and there’s been many improvements, it’s free on Gumroad though of course Franada would appreciate any tips you send them :slight_smile: GoGo Loco|VRC|System 1.8.1 .

Now that it’s ready, let’s make an avatar with GogoLoco!

  1. Create a new avatar project, hit the ‘Manage Project’ button if you aren’t there already, and add VRCFury along with any other goodies like Gesture Manager.

  2. Once your project is open and you’ve created/loaded your avatar, add the GogoLoco package by dragging it into your assets in Unity. We won’t normally go into the folder, it just needs to be there in your project.

  3. Now that it’s there, find the GogoLoco prefab that VRCFury’s script will use by navigating to Packages > VRCFury > Prefabs > GogoLoco and pick either the GogoLoco All (VRCFury) or GogoLoco Beyond (VRCFury) prefab. Drag it onto the top level of your avatar in the hierarchy. There may be caveats to playable layers though usually this is all that is needed. If your avatar is otherwise ready to upload that’s all you need to do!

Hope this helps anyone seeking a bit of extra information :slight_smile:

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Apparently this process has recently changed. Now All VRCFury Prefabs have moved to the VRCFury Discord and aren’t available unless you have a discord account and join their group server:

Update: @franada included VRCFury-friendly prefabs in their new package so you don’t have to join the discord to add GogoLoco, thank goodness!

Going by Egiap’s instructions above, you now drag the respective prefab from your Assets folder (not Packages) Assets > Gogo > GoLoco

Also, per franada’s note the URL to add VRCFury to VCC is now https://vrcfury.com (with no vcc subdomain in front of it)

There are no mentions of needing to join their discord, I’ll try to dig into that but to my knowledge there are no needs for this,

This explains how to do add Gogo Loco if you wanted to know

I didn’t precise anything since everything is written on the site,

You just need to go to tutorials, then Gogo Loco, and then follow the steps indicated c:

Though I thank you on behalf of any other user for explaining this to people before they might click on the link :+1:

Hi @Aki , @egiap – If it helps clarify, in the past VRCFury included a Prefabs folder which contained subfolders of ready for use, drag-and-drop prefabs for your projects. Several of the older YouTube videos out there show them being utilized for various features.

Recently, these have now been removed, replaced by a single text file named “PREFABS HAVE MOVED.txt” that states the following:

“All VRCFury Prefabs have moved to the VRCFury Discord: VRCFury
There, you can find the prefabs you used to find here, and you can even contribute your own!”

Though GogoLoco has included VRCFury friendly prefabs in their own package (thus not requiring you join the discord), I am unaware if the other 30 or so other VRCFury projects out there have.

I’m sure there are numerous pros and cons for this new arrangement, but that seems beyond scope for this thread.

I just wanted to inform people who may have been used to the older way of doing it, and unaware of the change. My goal wasn’t to start any arguments, so apologies if it sounded aggressive. I truly am grateful for VRCFury scripts and how it can help make creator’s lives easier :slight_smile:

This post was only meant to show new creators or newbies (like me) who know nothing about Unity a way to add Gogo Loco and/or clothes (mostly Gogo Loco though) to their avatars,

as for the 30 other prefabs I am just as unaware as you are,

I discovered VRCFury literally the day I posted this topic. All I can say, it works well for clothes and Gogo Loco, as for the rest, I can’t tell.

You didn’t start any arguments, nor were you disrespectful or agressive, do not worry about it :+1:

Have a good day o/