This Avatar is too large to load on this Platform and Error Avatars

Too Large
Assets Folder
sdk Output

This is too confusing to me, I’ve checked my unity version, I’ve checked my SDK version, I’ve reinstalled Unity, I’ve made multiple new projects and I’ve even tried to upload on another computer but then I just get the error Avatar. It did get past this point straight after I reinstalled Unity but that gave me an error avatar and now it doesn’t even get to the point where I can enter a name or description.

I did manage to upload it to the PC version but I play on the Quest so I need it to Upload on the Android version. Another thing is that I’ve have downloaded some avatars and successfully uploaded them to quest without any changes other than shaders but when I try to upload one I’ve put together from parts it does either this or error avatar.

Thus I am here asking for help because I am lost and stuck.


You might have blend shape normals set to calculate (on by default) in your model import settings, this setting can drastically increase the size of the model. (I didn’t make the picture below btw)

Also make sure your texture resolution isn’t too large, for quest you should have them at 1024x1024 or smaller to reduce their size considerably.

Omg thank you so much, this had been infuriating me for the longest time now.

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I would also like to thank you, this issue drove me nuts