There is a problem that the "left" and "right" keys not work in the test world

Hello, I just started learning to make the world. There are some strange problems in my world and I want to ask for help.
The first problem is that I used some pre-made room models because I was still learning and testing the making world. After adjusting the size of the collider about a bed, I created a test world. But the strange thing is that the “Left” (A) and “Right” (D) of the right me in the world are invalid. They can’t make me move horizontally, but the front and back and the mouse are no problems. I really don’t know where this error occurred.
The second problem is that I try to establish two separate areas to connect to each other using portals. In order not to let the two areas affect each other, I moved one of the areas to a far place (for example, 1000 meters or more). However, some texture errors began to appear in the area furthest from the origin point in the test world. At the same time, I found that my character would also glitch in that area. Is there any way to prevent this problem from happening?

Alright, the 1st problem has solved. Because of I just updated new SDK3. The previous version did not have this strafe speed value option.

Wow I’ve been having that issue with the newest sdk so I’ve been using the old version. Sucks that you were having that issue, but I’m glad that I’m not the only one who had this issue!

I thought it was just a bug because it would work fine the first time I did a test build & then it would break after that. I guess it’s less of a bug & more just something that got overlooked. Maybe it should be set to 1 by default for newer sdk versions to avoid anyone else being confused

I completely overlooked there even being a StrafeSpeed value in VRCWorld & the new StrafeSpeed nodes

As for your other issue, I have no idea sorry!