The display on Inspector in UdonBehaviour sometimes changes


I enjoy using Udon to create worlds.
Thank you very much for providing us with a great platform.
(This text is on a translator. Sorry if this text is rude.

I have a question.
I’m using SDK3, but the display on Inspector of UdonBehaviour may change sometimes.
Please check the attached image.


Please let me know if you know how to restore the display to normal.
Thanks for reading!

When this happens, don’t save your project but do the following:

  1. Reimport the Udon folder (Right click -> reimport)
  2. Restart Unity (don’t save)
  3. Check behaviours, it should now be fixed. (If you save, it won’t work)

Thank you for reply!

I usually fixed it at a timing I wasn’t sure about, so I’ll try the steps I was told when the same thing happens again.

Thank you!