Testing Quest and PC Builds in VR?

I’ve been having issues with testing my builds in VR.

I have an Oculus 2 with a link cable to PC. I have the Oculus, VRchat, Steam, and even Virtual Desktop apps installed on PC. I also have CyanEmu installed on Unity.

I have done test builds with VR not turned off. I have then tried to establish my link via cable with both virtual desktop and the link at the bottom of the screen which recognizes my controllers. The best I have gotten is a non-VR virtual desktop view of the VRC window with my character spinning.

What is the exact order of operations, steps for getting this to work? It would be super helpful in testing certain world behaviors, and uploading tests to the server, updating the world has caused issues when they don’t go right, i.e. random users experience these issues too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

cyanemu is for testing things in unity itself so you don’t have to build all the time.

anyway, make sure your build target is set correctly. by default it’s set to pc, which won’t work with testing on the quest.

Much appreciated! That makes sense maybe, although I’m able to enter PC worlds, builds through the link + quest and then VRchat, it seems like it should work somehow. Steam and virtual desktop enter PC worlds playing on my computer also.

I actually have never tested quest builds this way, so maybe. I usually build the PC version and then make a copy where I reduce size. It would ideally like to see the VR preview earlier in the process.

If you’re running vrchat on pc normally with your quest, you can force it to start vrchat in VR mode and load the world with this command line command:
VRChat.exe --enable-debug-gui --enable-sdk-log-levels --enable-udon-debug-logging "vrchat://create/?roomId=3472480250&hidden=true&name=BuildAndRun&url=file:///C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Temp/DefaultCompany/<project name>/scene-StandaloneWindows64-<scene name>.vrcw"

Noted that the .vrcw file doesn’t exist unless you’ve build and run once

Awesome, thanks so much, will give it a try! It would be very helpful.

So, if you have the virtual desktop app you can test I think either version. I only tested the PC version, but it does in fact work. I hadn’t used Virtual Desktop too much, so wasn’t very familiar with its start-up. Basically you will see a home, similar to with the link cable, only it is black or dark instead of white. The menu will also not have all the features of the link version. Anyway, if you have this open and build from unity, when it is done building it will automatically launch you into your build.

Possibly there is a less complicated way to do this with the link cable, maybe not.