Templates for thumbnails?

Are there any template images available for people to make custom thumbnails for their worlds? I made myself a thumbnail but VRChat uses the same picture with different cropping applied in different places so some of the text and stuff gets cut off.

I’m working on making my own template by eyeballing stuff and using trial and error but it seems like the kind of thing somebody else must have done already

There is a prefab called Picture Perfect Prefab in the https://vrcprefabs.com/browse database that does this.


Also of note, I believe the VRC Cam gets spawned into the scene with a Field of View set to 60, but when it takes the picture, it’s doing it with a FOV of 75. You can select the VRC Cam and change FOV to 75 while setting up your picture and it more accurately matches what you see in the preview.

Pumkin’s Avatar Tools includes an option to overlay an image, which I create in Photoshop. I usually use a 1200x900 image and I believe that’s the right ratio.

It might also work for worlds-- don’t see why it wouldn’t.

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Really? After all this time?

I was just being snarky about the cameras still being out of sync in the SDK.

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