This post is related to the recent 2023.2.1p2 patch notes which listed the following under fixes:

Fixed unexpected exceptions when Udon tries to interact with a VRCObjectSync on any GameObject that also has an UdonSync with SynchronizePosition enabled

I’m interested in the SyncronizePosition option that it mentions. I’ve been looking for any kind of documentation on its existence but all I can seem to find is old posts regarding a checkbox on Udon behaviors that does not seem to be present any longer. Is this still an accessible option or some kind of backwards compatibility fix?

If it is still something you could do I would really appreciate if anyone could share how to use it, as it seems like a solution to a common problem I’ve been running into where I want the behavior of an object sync but also have an Udon behavior with manual sync (which Udon will not let you do). Up until now I have been working around this by using a script on a child object as a “sync object” that the script on the parent object interfaces with to sync across the network. This works but it’s silly and hacky and I’m eager to know if there is a better solution in the form of SynchronizePosition.


The SynchronizePosition option is deprecated, but it can still be accessed through the Unity debug inspector. VRCObjectSync and SynchronizePosition function in the same way, so having SynchronizePosition enabled on a manual synced Udon behavior would also not be supported. Your current method of using different objects to sync variables and the transform position is already the best way to handle those different types of syncing.

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