Synced Slider?

Is it possible to sync the volume sliders in a way that it shows the same spot on all the 5 volume sliders I have in my world. Like if they slide it to .5 it would reflect that on all the sliders? Im not good at U# so if this could be done in graphs that would be amazing.

Any guides for this? Is this even possible?

Yes it is possible, in both Graph and U#

It’s the same concept for both.
Use a synced float variable for each of the sliders.
OnPreSerialization for setting and sending the slider value
OnDeserialization to update the slider accordingly
Custom Event to update things based on slider value.

Example of the PreSerialization

Hope this will be enough to get you started :slight_smile: Just ask if there is anything else

Yeah that’s perfect! Seriously do not know what id do without you guys lol.