Suggestion Outfit sets


as I worked on my own avatars I often reach the polygon limit.


Let’s say, the Base of the avatar has ~50k polygons
then there are on outfit with about ~10k and another with ~20k

The current system detects ~80k polygons, because all meshes are counted.

But there will never be more than ~70k polys active at the same time.

Because I prevented this with the Parameters.

My observations:

There are Avatars with ~100 to ~200k polygons in VRChat, but they have not a huge performance impact (as I have noticed), because there are most likely part of an outfit which is not enabled.

My suggestion:

Imagine a slot system for outfits:

You can mark the meshes/gamobjects/materials as part of a slot/outfit.
Only one of the slots can be active at the same time.
This might improve overall ratings and performances, because the system only has to show the worst combination, not all meshes together.

I wonder if there is a good way to benchmark various avatar ideas easily. Try a few ideas and compare