Strange chair glitch

Okay so when i first added chairs to my avatar, they would function as expected. Their location could be reoriented as I wish in any animation.
However this changed when I decided to relocate the chairs on my head bone resulting in them disobeying their specified changes in location and rotation, resulting in them moving to the parent bones origin and spinning backwards, violating the specified data in the animation. Strangely enough this is happening for only certain animations, not all of them

I have also noticed that there is some new glitch where the persons sitting on my vrc station will either be sitting perfectly as per the animation within the animation controller used by the seats, OR they will be standing up, OR their whole body will just be leaning at a 45 degree angle to either side for NO identifiable reason.

I have followed all the tutorials and inspected all my content numerous times and cannot find a reason for any of this weird, irregular, and inconsistent behaviour in the game.

its been four months and i still have this problem