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Hey everyone, Sai here from the VRC team!
Just today we rereleased Steel’n’Gold, a classic VRChat world from the SDK2 (and even before) days. This was a fun team effort of 3 team members during one of our internal jams, which we ended up actually polishing up and finishing.

This thread is meant to give you the ability to voice ideas, general feedback or report bugs that you encounter during play. We are hoping to iterate on the project here and there when time allows and add a few more features to it.

If you end up reporting a bug, please verify it’s reproducable and describe how you managed to run into it so we can reproduce it.

That’s about all i have to say, i hope you enjoy our remake!
See you in Copper Bend!

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Oh, hi. I accidentally put feedback in Canny for the map.

Summary: Add a volume slider for the announcer.

Summary: Bring back the flashing gold coin icon.

Gold Marker for safes who’s gold is stolen but not yet collected will flash in next update.

Flashing gold icon example

More audio settings is on the list and hopefully something we can get in for next Steel n Gold update.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Amazing. Thanks for working on Steel ‘n’ Gold!

This idea is a bit of a stretch: A hidden mode for Steel ‘n’ Gold, where it’s with Battle Discs instead of guns.

Bug Report: When Gold is set to 5 or more You cannot capture all the gold. after the settings are brought back down below 5 the map does not sync gold capturing properly and after another game No Bandit is able to capture gold.

We were trying to handicap the Bandits side as we had 3 players and decided on 1 Sherriff Vs 2 Bandits. We played a couple of matches at 4 then went up to 5.
On our play through with 5 gold we captured 4 Gold but became unable to capture the 5th.
we brought the gold back down to 4 after that and had an issue where I could not see the captured gold and could not capture gold, but my partner was able to capture and see captured gold. we played another game afterwards and then neither of us were able to capture gold.
We loaded into a new instance of the map and tried again at 5 and the exact same events occurred.