SteamVR sees my trackers, but VRChat puts them on the floor?

I’ve never had any trouble with full-body tracking in VRChat until lately, but today (my first time playing in a few weeks), SteamVR is still able to see all of my trackers moving around normally, and VRChat knows they’re there (since it shows me the ‘Calibrate’ button rather than the standing/sitting toggle), but when I actually try to calibrate, the calibration spheres that should be moving with my feet are instead just a single sphere sitting on the floor unmoving. I’ve rebooted my entire machine and it’s still happening.

FWIW, I’m using a Kinect with Driver4VR, but I doubt that’s related since as I mentioned, SteamVR sees all the “trackers” moving perfectly well, so the information is at least getting that far correctly.

change your height in VRchat’s settings, it’s using that for the floor height.