Stations with built-in animations not working with AV3?

So, I’m wondering how… or if… one could re-allow stations with animations to animate an AV3 avatar, like they can with the AV2.

An example of what I mean would be those MMD dance stage worlds, which doesn’t seem to work with AV3, as far as I can tell… the avatar’s sitting animation seems to override that of the station’s, so instead of dancing, the avatar’s just sitting in midair in the middle of the room.

If anyone knows of a way I could set up an av3 so that it doesn’t have that issue, I’d greatly appreciate it, as worlds like that tend to be where I spend most of my time in VRchat… and not being able to use em would be a dealbreaker for me in terms of upgrading my avatar to AV3 :confused:


Stations are a work-in-progress for AV3. The things that power animation overrides for stations are very different in AV3.