Spinning Cube Example Series

We’ve got a set of videos here for you to check out to get you started in Udon and with some basic concepts. Let’s meet the VRChat Udon version of Hello World-- the spinning cube!

Video 1 - Introduction

Video 2 - Input and Flow

Video 3 - Public Variables

Video 4 - Program Variables

Video 5 - Custom Events


Some of the videos posted do not have 1080p quality, making the text on screen hard to read. Suggest having recordings on a lower resolution so the UI doesn’t appear tiny on smaller screens.


Ah, it seems the render settings were wrong or something. Odd. I’ll look into it tomorrow.

Will there be example for in game user interaction - passing in game slider value & in game on click increments / decrements ? - this ideal for small in game games :slight_smile:

So excited to start playing with this!!
Gunna be a real game changer.

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In Video 4 “Program Variables”, variable definition of “speedProgram” is missing after renaming. That noodles won’t work.


this is gonna change everything. thanks for the 5 videos explaining things!

For future videos, or anyone else looking to make some tutorials, here’s a little guide i wrote up quick on settings for OBS.

For some reason when I place variables in the Udon graph, instead of “Name” it says “String” and instead of “Public” it says “Bool”. Has anyone else had this issue?

Edit: Copying and pasting the variable seems to fix this.

Found a good thing. :咧着嘴笑:
Many ideas can be realized through Udon, look forward to the official version.

You can also reload the graph to fix those issues

Thank you for the heads-up regarding the fourth video, Program Variables.

I have re-recorded the video, including a more robust explanation of how it all works.

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I am new to Udon, however wouldn’t it make more sense to pull everything off of the publicly set object? That way you do not need to have scripts on every object you want to rotate. I’ve rewritten the code and it works flawlessly. Can you please let me know if there is any issue with this? I don’t want to see new creators starting off on the wrong foot with Udon.

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The guides were never meant to be optimal, there are certainly better ways to do the things I’ve done in the videos.

If you’ve found better ways to do things, that’s a good thing! :smiley: