Specific viseme not firing with gestures present

I recently found that a specific viseme does not seem to be firing properly on VRChat whenever I make the sound for it. In this case, the vrc.v_ss or the SSSS sound is the one in question. For awhile, I really scratched my head on the cause, but upon redoing things, I managed to isolate that it has to do with the hand gestures put into place on the FX layer of the Playable Layers.

When I moved my avatar to 3.0, I missed having the old hand gestures to control facial expressions, so I followed a video on how to set it up in Unity, since I’m not really well versed with such things. It worked perfectly, but then I noticed when I was tweaking the visemes of the model that the SS wasn’t firing for some reason. Once I remove the Left Hand and Right Hand Gestures layers from the animator, the SS viseme works fine again.

This seems like such an odd and particular issue and I’m not even sure if there’s something really oddball about the way the gestures are set up that would happen to cause this very specific issue to happen or perhaps there is some inherent bug in the SDK as a result.

Any advice or ideas on the matter would be appreciated. It’s been very difficult trying to find a solution to this issue given the nature of it.