Specific root/parent bones causes error spam, physbones not working

I’m trying to add physbones to a specific section of bones within my avatar. I have a parent bone that I’m adding as the root to make this easier for myself.

However, when I do this, Unity brings up this error CONSTANTLY (999+ in the console) along with said physbones not working at all in play mode.

EDIT: This is only happening with the specific parent bone I created for this bone chain. Others are completely fine (and just needed minor tweaking in Blender). Again, not sure what’s happening cause I’ve done nothing different from other times I’ve done this method with my avatars.

I solved this issue by removing some of the bones in the chain. Apparently there’s some limit of bones physbones can work with before it just shuts down on itself. It’d be great if there was documentation of this, if anything.

How many bones did you have?

Bones = Physbone component?

Mainly asking as I haven’t tinkered with any physbones yet, and maybe VRchat needs to update that documentation a little :smiley: