Sonic (series) Chao Shy Gal Commision

Hello everybody, I am wanting to commision a Shy Gal Avatar with a different set of hoods more akin to Sonic Characters but more befitting of the Special Chaos of the same series, although now that I think about it, I do not think it matters much outside of those with a secondary color as part of the top of their heads like Shadow and Cream as I am a fan of the Shadow Androids (mostly unique to both the Shadow the Hedgehog Multiplayer and IDW comics).

You can find the base Shy gal avatar here ShyGal » VRModels - 3D Models for VR / AR and CG projects or other places similar to it since I do not want to make someone have to buy the base model unless they plan to use it for other projects or commisions.

And the only other thing I want for it is different metallic color options similar to the Shy Gal avatar that has additional color options that have a metallic effect, and maybe also the Chao ball thing on their heads with 3 different options being Halo, Sphere, and Spikey.

And I am kinda thinking of either replacing or adding the available hoods to be the ones below (mostly copying the ears and head stuff outside of accessories. Images are used as to show what they look like and source is the Chao island website for all your chao needs)





-Silver (no official chao, but has a Chao VR avatar)

-Blaze (same as silver)

-Jet the Hawk (no official Chao, but a Feathery mohawk sounds cool)

I would also Like to add actual Chao hood options to the hoods as well if possible being these below
-Basic Neutral Chao

-Basic Hero Chao

-Basic Evil Chao

-Light Chaos Chao

-Angel Chaos Chao

-Devil Chaos Chao

Although outside of the Hood stuff, all this would change/add are the hoods and Colors
in which I would want to add Some metallic colors (just a Metalic Grey, Metallic Gold, Metalic Blue, and Metalic Red)

I apologize if this sounds weird or strange in terms of how I word, lay things out, or try to say things because I am still new to Commissioning things and don’t want to be too overbearing or troublesome, and provided pictures from and the other 3 are from official sources for those who are unaware about chaos and that there are more than 1 (Which is fair because only one appears in the games after Adventure 2 that only appears with the mentioned character Cream).


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of course.

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I can surely make that for you :3
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Can we chat on discord?

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