Some help for a programming newbie to make basic functions?

im currently making a world with vrcsdk3, and i want to make a button that toggles a custom graphics asset i have installed. it’s a mod that adds volumetric clouds, it’s greatly optimized and vr-friendly.

thing is, it only works if it’s applied to the camera, and i don’t know how to make a button add that script to a player’s view camera. if it’s even possible

here’s what the asset looks like

i would love if anyone got any tips for me, or give me a seperate source to learn from.

So wait let me ask; is it a script/component that applies to the main camera or is it in a game object in the hierarchy?

its a script for the camera

This is just a theory since I haven’t tried it myself yet but in Udon you can getcomponents from an object. So you should be able to set up an interact toggle on a button that references the main camera’s script component to toggle the script for the clouds on and off and just reference the main camera in VRCworld. I think that should work. Hopefully another with more advanced experience in udon can chime in. But I would give that a try :slight_smile:

nevermind i found a material i can apply to the skybox ^^;

thanks for the tip, anyways

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