[Solved] Having separate clothing meshes that follow the main armature?

I’m attempting to create an avatar that allows you to toggle between clothes, like any other avatar. The problem is, the method I’m using seems to completely erase the weight painting of the clothing meshes I have.

It’s not a Blender issue, I can’t use shape keys as it’ll ruin the weight paint, just parenting the meshes to specific bones on the armature does nothing, having a separate armature for each mesh ends in disaster, and I’m losing hope on ever doing this.

I’m desperate to figure out how anyone is accomplishing this as there’s no information specifically talking about this ANYWHERE.

EDIT: I realized the shape keys I used before were actually just bones I manipulated in Blender. So, I made actual shape keys that would resize the clothing down to 0, reimported the avatar mesh, created animations using the shape keys, and finally added them to my expressions menu. Hooray!

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