(SOLVED) Breasts Jiggle phys bones not working after adding clothes

I’ve been having this “issue” lately on my avatars. After I add some outfits, do the matching bones in the armature etc… everything works fine, but for some reasons, the jiggle physics for the breasts on the avatar doesnt work, so, the outfit moves but not the breasts.

It isn’t that big of a deal but I’d like to know what I could do to fix this.

For info the avatars I’m currently working on are Kikyo and Rindo (both bought on Booth.pm), and all the outfits I use were specifically made for them and have breast jiggle phys.
The avatars and outfits use Phys Bones.
AND there are no error messages or anything(probs some colliders or phys thingies idk what’s causing it)

Thank you in advance <3

I solved it !

You gotta go on your original breast bone :

On size you insert the total number of breast bones that is “blocking” your current bone, and then, you insert those bones in the spaces in size


Hey, i’m working on Kikyo and I can’t figure out the problem. I’m also pretty new to unity so I can’t find whatever is blocking the current bone. I just wanna put an outfit on man )x Is there a better way you could explain how to fix it?

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Ofc, just follow the following steps :

First, go to the armature of your kikyo

Then, you will search for your Kikyo original breast bone

After you found it, you see its Phys script on the right, you click on ignore Transform. Once you clicked on ignore transform, the box Size is naturally set to 0, so, change that number into the number of outfits you have for your kikyo !

And now, all you have to do is to drag an drop the bones you want to exclude in those empty boxes


I hope this was useful !

I tried that with Eyo but it doesnt work😭

Is there any other Phys script(in another bone close to the chest) that might be interfering ?

Not sure if you ever solved this but for me in the breast phys bones i needed to change the “multi child type” from ignore to average xxx

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