Social List and invites not showing / Updating after playing for a wile

So for almost One and a half years now (I think) I’ve been having this absolutely annoying problem with my “In game” Social list and Notifications.

Now I have no idea when exactly this started but it’s been consistent ever since.

To walk down the problem. I join VRchat and everything works as indented for about 30 min - 1 hour. After that everything stops updating.
This includes Friends coming online or going offline, Friends moving to different worlds, Friends Changing online Status (aka green, yellow, red), Friends Sending Invite Request/Accepts/Reply’s, Me sending request/accepts/Reply’s, Friend Requests, Public Instance’s not changing player count, new Public Instance’s.

The only reason why / When I notice that it’s frozen is when I cross check with the Website (VRChat - Home).
I’ve been using the Website as my main source up Social updates. like if I get Invite Requests, or Friend requests.

Now to get a Temporary fix, I’ve been Restarting my game every time. so to avoid doing that I’ve had to either know from the start where I wanna meet with Friends and users. or if we moved to other worlds I’d had to ask my friends to drop a portal. which has been working alright. but at this point it’s just getting annoying and tedious.

I’ve tried the usual “quick” fixes. like Reinstalling VRchat (did that countless times), also tried using Open Betas to see if stuff might be fixed there. also moved The games installation to a different drive.

I’ve also tried To Disable the IPv6 Protocol on my pc (as I’ve seen it being a solution to others users similar problems).
Also talked with a bunch of People, seeing if others had the same problem or if they might know a solution.

But so far nothing has worked. and none of the updates has fixed this problem either.

Does VRChat log failed API calls?

As an arm chair software developer I’m surprised restarting the client works.

Could be software on your computer valiantly blocking the evil VRChat corporation from tracking your every move within VRChat by blocking access to the generic API after you’ve logged in.

Or it could be related to something on the VRChat end, like they’re seeing a lot of traffic from single IP addresses because your ISP is doing carrier grade nat. Or a VPN.

Are you running a pi-hole DNS thing amah jiggie?

Did you ever figure this out cause I also have the exact same issue which also started around the same time as you.

I also think this is something to do with vrchat itself since I have the exact same issues, workarounds and timeframe as to when this started.

I’ve had the same issue for several months now. My only internet is an at&t cell phone hotspot, it started when I upgraded from 4g to a new 5g phone. The only largely functional workaround I’ve found is using something like Cloudflare Warp to get through whatever at&t’s 5g service is doing that breaks it. Mine still doesn’t want to update to show changed avatars in the social lists without going fully into their profile even with that, but at least invites/friend requests/people going online-offline all work again.

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Sadly no. I’m trying to contact the VRC support directly about this problem but that could take a wile

I’ve been experiencing the same issue for quite some time now.

It seems to come and go, but lately my social menu has not been staying updated at all. Friend notifications are also nowhere to be found.