So i keep having this question trying to publish an avatar, how do i fix it?

i tried reinstalling VRC SDK but it doesn’t work, i fixed all problems in the avatar btw

are their two names of the character on builder if so, you have to fix that one too

i tried renaming it and looking if theres any dupes, and it still says that.

the name of that file looks like an avatar ID. Since you’re uploading the avatar on your own account, maybe you need to remove the blueprint ID from the “Pipeline Manager (Script)”? You’d click the detach button to remove it.

Example avatar ID, I’m not going to transcribe the one in that image:

In the VRChat SDK window in unity, on the content manager tab there is option to “Copy ID” this copies your avatars ID into clipboard. I think you should start off with checking if the ID is from your account or not.

Your error message avatar ID starts with avtr_98e08024

Not sure if its common advice or not, but I started making a new scene for each avatar, because if a scene has trouble, I can’t build any of the avatars in the scene even when they’re not effected.

Personally I’d probably make a new scene and import the avatar, add the avatar descriptor, and see if it compiles (Offline Testing)

when i go to the content managaer i dont get that option, and i dont know how to see my account id.

if you haven’t ever uploaded an avatar before i can understand the content list being empty

probably a badly packed prefab