So are seats now working or are they still bugged?

I’ve tried adding seats to my model before and they don’t appear in game. I didn’t seen any recent post addressing the matter and wanted to bring it up

Quoting a message from Brex in VRChat Discord here:

There’s no prefab for chairs in 3.0, you just add the component. There is a caveat, they must be active in the hierarchy by default to work. To use just add a VRC_Station script to an object. Add a collider of your choice as well, and disable/enable the chair by toggling both the gameobject and the collider if you want to toggle it. Don’t disable the station script. If you want them off by default, have the gameobject on by default but the collider off. That makes it so they can be “on” by default (so they don’t break), but people won’t be able to use them until you animate the collider on.

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