Sitting bug from scale value in Unity

If you change the avatar’s scale in Unity, the first time you sit in that world in VRChat, the avatar will move to the viewpoint height when the avatar’s scale is reset to 1.
For example, if you set the avatar’s scale to 0.01 in Unity, the first time you sit in the world, the avatar will jump to 100 times the avatar’s viewpoint height.
This has also happened with official avatars such as “Cool Banana”.
I had a hard time fixing this bug, but I was able to fix it by modifying the Blender settings and setting the scale to 1.
This bug does not occur in that instance once you sit back down, but it can be fatal in attraction worlds.

Are you changing the scale in the FBX import or are you changing the scale of the avatar game object?

You might want to try the other to test it.

That sounds like something that should go to Feedback boards.
Anyways though, avatars for me are known to behave weird when:

  • Root scale is different than 1.0,
  • avatar station that you get in applies any scaling to root object.
    I had one avatar (before SDK3, back in Unity 2017 times) that I used very often which had scaling on root object set to something very small (0.06 or something like that), so whenever I sat in a station that fullfilled any of the above, I would get huge, viewpoint would be still aligned with my eyes, but my viewpoint scale wouldn’t change, which kinda… broke me in VR. :woozy_face:
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