Simple Looping Animation

I am trying to do a simple looping animation for a prop on my world that needs to continuously loop. anyone have an example project I could reference?

open the animation and animator windows by going to Window (at the top) > Animation > Animation, and Window (at the top) > Animation > Animator. You should have both of these windows available now.

select your game object > go to the Animation window and create your animation.

In your assets area, right click > create > Animator Controller.

You should now have an Animation, and Animator Controller in your project.

On the gameobject you want to to animate, add the component called “Animator”. Then add the Animator Controller to it under “controller”.

Back in the Animator window drag in your Animation, and it should display “Entry” with an arrow to your Animation. (Shown in my first screenshot)

Now it should always play the animation you created on a loop.

Click play at the top to make sure it works.

Just set the animation file to loop