Should these bones be parented this way?

Hey! This is my first post to the VRChat forums and my first time making an avatar in about two years. I’ve decided to give the Cats Blender Plugin a try, but I’ve noticed that a few things (particularly bone parenting) look a little off.

To show you what I mean, my Blender project looks like this:

and my Unity project looks like this:

Note how virtually every bone above the waist is parented to the base of the spine. In Unity, it looks like absolute chaos. Nearly all of the bones above the waist are stretched to the base of the spine.

Is this normal? Should I keep these bones parented as they are? What’s causing things to look this way, particularly in Unity?

Thanks in advance!

I ended up going through the original .blend file, deleting all of the bones that the VRChat SDK didn’t need, and reparenting the bones as I saw fit. I have no idea why Cats parented nearly every bone to the hip, but it’s fixed now!