Sentinel Atomics Scratch Built Avatar Commissions

Greetings and welcome!
Allow me to introduce myself, I am sentinel373 I’ve been around vrchat since 2016. I have worked in the video game industry for 7 years as a game designer, 3d general artist and half a dozen other fancy hats.

In VRChat i am generally known as the robot guy as i make a lot of robot avatars from scratch both for myself and people who hire my services. see some examples down below.
that said i am also able to do humanoid avatars both realistic and toon styled. (yes that includes anime)
my skills include but are not limited to

3d modeling

Since all of my work is made from scratch it takes a while to make the avatar. sometimes upwards of a month depending on complexity. so please understand that full avatars can get costly
I do however offer prop modeling and other avatar services such as weight painting and the likes at a much lower price than a full avatar. Prices will vary on complexity of the work required

If you are interested in hiring me for an avatar please feel free to contact me on discord at Sentinel373#5947
or DM me on twitter @sentinel373
For non vrchat work i’ve done check my art station:
If you are however interested in purchasing one of my mass production avatars please check out my booth page!

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

Examples of my work


what are your normal rates for a fully animated original avatar? i’ve been trying to hunt down some done in a similar fashion to the one i’d like to request, but all the current and past creators want to keep them private, however i’d like one done that hasn’t been done before. this a reference:

so i would assume you want an avatar that can transform in that manner correct?
if I where to have to make both the human version and the transformed version as well as the entire animation sequence. you’d be looking at roughly 2000 USD. mainly because in essence you’d be asking me to make two avatars from scratch. of course there are ways that we can minimize the amount of work required and thus lower the cost but that is stuff that is best discussed in private.

Hi I’d like to commission an avatar off of you, please message me on Discord if your able to take a commission right now

Mr. Good Time#8314

Hello! I’m brand new to the world of VRChat and I am looking to hire a 3D modeler to construct an avatar for me based on a popular video game character. I am very impressed with your work and I would like to share with you a concept I’ve put together that shows what exactly I’m looking for, additional resources that I’m sure could be of great help, work out the fine details, and discuss what your rates would be for such a commission. If you’re interested, you can find me on Discord under the username Seriously Funny#2086. Thank you for your time.

are you still open for commissions?
If so could we speak on discord?

Looks good

How much does an avatar from scratch using a drawing as ref cost?

Sent a discord request. Wanting to commission you.