Seeking: Avatar Mesh Edits + More

(not sure if this fits here, please let me know if this does not belong in this category)

Name/Alias: Aestrya
Contact: Aestrya#1107

Hi! I’m seeking anyone willing to try their hand at a re-mesh/(rough) re-tex project…
I want to take this model and alter it to a male base (yes this is acceptable under the license and I can provide proof if this is a concern) and possibly make it taller - I can also provide examples of how I would like this done via photoshop on the model itself

I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for this as it’s well beyond my expertise
Please feel free to contact me with a price and proof of work on male models
Thank you!

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

Hello i can get this done for me you can chat me on discord Boss_anime1234#4367