Seeking Avatar Creator for an Anthro-Fox Dragon

I am willing to commission someone to design a new VRChat model for my private personal useage. The avatar in question has never had a full chance at being designed before in the fur community. I have searched throughly into the ranks of Known user trying to find a devolper whom could bring my idea designs to life. I can’t do it myself either because I lack the skills and mindset needed to make things function. The avatar alone though isn’t the only thing I want I want to be able to give it functions for various styles of gameplay for vrc such as Size change, fake play space and the abilities to do prone emotes like sit or lay down. I also want to be able to change apperance and have a horror mode kind of setting or just basic color changes. The next thing I also desire to be able to carry a pen and a flashlight on the avatar so it needs to be able to use emmersive light. After all of that I need an ability to modify gender and alter the chest size as well as have some clothing options. The options for clothing should cover the same parts that would be for a human. I’d like a dress or a shirt and pants to be able to alter to my own tastes in the avatar functions. In short I don’t want just a simple avatar. I want the ultimate avatar for every situation possible. The design of how this works is up to your hands but I expect to see both scales and fur on any design you come up with. I will include images from google here as a basic start I however don’t own the work so your gonna have to get very creative yourself. One last important detail about all of this. I am a quest 2 user so It has to be able to be quest compatible. I hope to hear you.


Please note my income is bi-monthly so if you were to ask for payment right now it’d have to wait till June. Also the budget tops per month till paid off is $50 USD and I request that I am able to see proof of the work up on VRC before funds will be exchanged. This work please note has no references as of yet so the project status is as fresh as it comes.

Hello there kindly inbox me on on Fiverr account or discord is what I’m capable for I will get it done for you perfectly and When you inbox me on discord will discuss about the example of my work yet thanks

Hia, you failed to link me this information soo I don’t have any means

Why you don’t want the project again??

That’s not what I stated here and apparently you didn’t read what I said fully. You didn’t link me the information to view your discord or fiverr and also this project payment won’t commence till June; Because of my budget I live off of.

Hello Message me on discord and let me get this done for you username

INQUIRY IS NOW CLOSED. I have a volunteer whom is willing to take the june commission. I may re-open this later on for further avatar additions after this first is done.

Future QUEST avatar plans after the initial design is done I will be seeking are as follows.

Feather Pen with all color options and rainbow

Emissive Flashlight for all horror maps.

Prone emotes like Lay down an Sit as well as
Fake play space to adjust prones.

I want to adjust my avatar’s size to match the actual worlds content

An option to extend a one hand control flyable (chair)dragon buddy to help my friends reach distances otherwise out of view on large maps.

Lastly I would like to clothe my avatar for VR church sessions I plan on attending in the near future.

Eta on this project for the next steps will have to be by ear but its gonna first depend on the current content creator and as always the tight budget. I’ll update here when I learn more.

Thanks in the meantime for taking the chance to thoroughly read this post.