Seeking Aid in Building My World in VRChat - I'm Lost

I’m a first time world creator and I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my workd not updating at all, errors I know almost nothing about. etc etc…

I been looking for someone who can help walk me through whats going on with my world, I learn better hands on in other words someone showing me through my screen share on discord seems to be the easist way to show my world in unity.

Discord: I’m always there so please DM @ KujiTheAlphaWolf#8849

anyone please?

pretty much what it’s saying on the error. You’re using a shader for your skybox that it’s unable to compile.

You should change it to something else.

not sure now to been trying to figure stuff like that out its why i’ve been asking around with no luck

trying to optimize my world i need help from someone who has done it before