Seats in VRChat 3.0 Worlds

So stupid question you lovely people. I’ve got furniture in my world, and on the seat portions, I’ve assigned the VRC Station script to them. The seat portion works, but I’m not sitting looking at the wall, I’m facing the floor. What do I have to do to fix this?

Select the station and edit the rotation so that the blue arrow points up and the green arrow points forward.

I think you may need to be in Local mode instead of Global, but not sure; there’s a button near the top of the editor that lets you toggle between Local/Global.

If the station’s on something you don’t want to rotate, like a chair mesh, you can add an empty game object and drag it into the station’s Entry Point slot and use the above rules for orienting it.

You may also be interested in this for fixing the seated positions of different-sized avatars:

Thank you so much!!