[Scarlets World Designs] (Semi-Closed)

Scarlets World Designs Forum Thread

[About Me]
Hello my name is Stella Scarlet, I am recently new to commissioning however I have been building VR-Chat Worlds for a few years now. I use a CAD software for 3D Modeling Worlds along side Blender and Unity. I am also very experienced at Unity and have designed even games in them over my lifetime. I have started Programming at a young age and can write Code in C# or Udon Graph. I have went over the Guidelines and have Agreed to their TOS here.

You can Find my Portfolio here, which includes my Google Site that I have created to showcase content I have made as well as talk about my Regulations with commissions and Information on Prices Packages I will provide a World for you at is located here. Please look at this Portfolio so you can farther see Content I have made. I look forward to working and creating your World of your Dreams with you if you choose me!


I encourage sharing commission reviews I create so other users can review content I have made and how the commission was handled. If I had made content for you, you can leave a review on this site. I also have a Social Media Page on Twitter specifically on this topic of World Development, which I share Pictures of Worlds I have created for myself or other Users.


To commission me I use Discord and I go by the username of “stellascarlet” please open a friend request stating your looking for commission. Transactions will be held through Paypal or E-Transfer if Applicable.

[Extra Info]
I will be keeping Pictures of my Content Located on my Site and Twitter to Keep clutter out of this forum. Hope to see you around!