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[About Me]
Hello my name is Stella Scarlet, I have been building VR-Chat Worlds for a few years now. I use a CAD software for 3D Modeling Worlds along side Blender and Unity. I am also very experienced at Unity & Blender, I have designed games as well. Worlds I sell are all with Quality, Uniqueness, Performance and Optimization in mind. I have went over the Guidelines and have Agreed to their TOS here.

The Paid Worlds I make and post on my Website are only available once to one buyer then the world is owned by them, I private the copy I have on my account and delete the world off my PC for storage. I try to keep worlds I sell interactive and social because its a social multiplayer game. I only sell (PC) Worlds it is up to you after owning the project to port it to (Quest). My Effort is put mainly into 3D Modeling, Lighting and World Functionality so I do not have time for these time consuming ports.

Yes and No, I don’t take commissions due to drama related issues when collaborating on commissions. However I gladly will make your world idea and show you to decide on it. It will be up to you to buy it if you do like the design after the idea is made, If not it will be posted.

Much of my old content is free now and will be posted to download in the next few days. Paid Content will remain the same first buyer takes it all to themselves. Recently I have been trying my best to release my Gen 3 High Quality Content just be patient more High Quality Worlds are coming and more free HQ content too! Stay up to date on my site!

I fixed the broken link, my apologies…

[Latest Build]

Want more pictures and content of my work?
Visit my site I have setup google slides for every world containing pictures of every aspect of all my worlds.