Safe to use avatars?

I’m completely new to Vrchat and wanted to know what avatars are safe to use as I’m browsing public avatars I see some with barely any clothing and some with a full outfit, I just don’t wanna risk a ban or something if someone can awnser that for me (I’m not talking about Nude avatars only barely clothed ones)

As long as it’s not naked, you’re fine

Thank you for letting me know I appreciate it! Never too sure what’s allowed and what’s not since NSFW can mean many diffrent types of NSFW depending on what your on Discord/Games/Etc, So kinda confusing, But again I appreciate the response heavily!

so we’re not gonna talk about the fact that someone actually found avatars on VRC that were fully clothed?

Mainly e-boy/e-girl avatars but suprisingly yeah, I only knew a bit about Vrc via twitch so I recently started playing because of it.

Just kidding around. Though every now and then I’m talking with a group of people I’ve met, male and female, who look like half clothed anime girls and it’s perfectly normal and then I remember how weird that would have looked to me when I first joined. Eventually if you’re lucky you get to know the people a lot more than the avatars.

Yeah sounds about what I’ve been seeing everywhere, And hopefully I’ll have some luck to make some good friends, My only issue is that I don’t talk, So in Vrchat terms I’m a mute, So right now I’ve been trying to figure out how to do 3D modeling without knowing anything about modeling or scripting, Been looking forward to making a Mime like avatar with very expressive gestures to make-up for lack of speaking

There is are avatar construction tutorials on this forum and elsewhere, some of these are very comprehensive. There are also some popular ones on Youtube, some perhaps better than others.

AFAIK, in order of difficulty, easiest to hardest, here’s how you can express yourself through writing on VRC.

  1. Find worlds with markers/pencil crayons. Like the ones in Midnight Rooftop. These seem to be especially common in worlds made by Japanese and Korean authors (in my limited experience, that probably reflects a culture of trying to look after everyone). Then you can use any avatar and express yourself.

  2. There are a few worlds with dedicated typing consoles where non-talkers can type and words appear on the wall. But these are not common and so, not convenient.

  3. Find a model in VRC with a marker built into the finger. This lets you write in the air, anywhere. Favourite it.

  4. Buy an avatar and pay the maker to add a Snail marker or M.O.O.N.'s marker to it. That lets you draw and write with your finger.

  5. Buy an avatar or find a free one on a site (there are several that offer free, legal avatars), import to Unity and add a Snail or M.O.O.N. marker yourself. There are Youtube tutorials.

  6. Acquire the avatar and, in Unity, add a keyboard interface to it that lets you type in the space beside you. I don’t know much about these.

  7. Acquire the avatar and, in Unity, use SDK 3 to create animations that include signs that you have put your custom slogans on.

  8. Get a DeviantArt MMD model, import to blender, modify, export to unity, modify, upload (hard)

  9. Make a model from scratch in blender, export to unity, upload (waay hardest)

A while ago someone wrote that if you’re desktop and mute in VRChat, you might as well give up. Ignore that. I’m in both VR & desktop but always mute on desktop because of some mic setting issue I can’t solve. A while ago someone said I was the funniest guy he’d ever met. I’m seriously not (I suspect alcohol) but the point is, just because you’re not using voice and waving your arms around doesn’t mean you can’t trigger and express emotion and thought.

I am a desktop mute :joy: But ive found some simplistic ways like emotes and the sort, I’d definitely use a vr headset if I could, but my computer is the most expensive thing I’ve bought in 16 1/2 years, So sadly I’ll have to wait a long time before I get into VR Was thinking a vive with oculus controllers or something a bit on the cheaper side, I also appreciate the tips and I’ll definitely use them!