Rotation/XYZ movement in an animation not displaying in-game


I’m making an avatar and I added some dance animations to it. The animations play when needed but when the avatar should move around, jump, crouch or make a spin as a part of the dance, it doesn’t. It just stays in one point while playing the animation.

Like these:
The Other Side dance in VRChat
FighteR dance in VRChat

That’s what they look like in-game and they aren’t supposed to look like that, but in Unity’s animation preview they look completely normal how they are supposed to look.

This is how they should look:
The Other Side dance in Unity
FighteR dance in Unity

I have no idea how should I fix them so if anyone knows anything about this kind of stuff please help me with fixing this.

Thanks in advance!

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Nevermind, I got it working. Just had to check “Bake Into Pose” in “Root Transformation Rotation” and “Root Transformation Position”

vrchat dance fix

Just wanted to say this is exactly what I needed, big thanks!

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Glad to help