Road Block Uploading to Quest with Unity 2018.4.20f

I’m at my wits end to figure this out. Short version is that I’m trying to upload an avatar that I had commissioned. There’s an entire myriad of issues that I probably need to fix before it works on quest, but I can’t even get to the point of testing it. for a particular reason. Using SDK3 with Avatar 3.0. I realize this question would be more suited for the unity forums, however I feel like they wouldn’t understand the huge issue of needing to use a particular version.

So the VRChat documentation asks you to use unity 2018.4.20f, for SDK compatibility
You can’t download that one on the hub so you download it manually
To upload for quest you need the android SDK
You add the plug-in through the hub
To add a plug-in, you have to install the unity version through the hub
You can’t download that version through the hub so I have no idea how to get the android SDK. You can make the hub recognize you have it the older version and make it show, but it lacks the options to add plugins. To do that, you need to install it -through- the hub.

Now I know that there hasn’t been a sudden stop of people uploading for quest, so I feel like I’m severely missing something. Do I need to use that version of unity? Is there another way to get the Android SDK? Any help in this matter would mean so much because I’ve gotten as far as getting it cut down and ready to upload, just to be stopped by that. Thank you all in advance.

You can just install 2018.4.20f from the hub, it’s just wonky but I digress.
Your issue is that you’re downloading the add-on, which well, doesn’t work. (that one is meant for 2019 and up)
The android sdk for 2018 is just a seperate installer you can download here:

You my friend are very potentially a life saver. You have my gratitude!

No problem, it happens to the best of us :slight_smile: