Rigging 3d blender model?

I’m looking for commissioning someone (in the future) to make me an avatar BUT I’m thinking since I have sculpting skills I will model the figure myself and color and shade, but ask someone else to rig.
Do people… do that? How would I make the model so it’s easier to rig? Does it all have to be composed of one “shape”? Do I use meatballs?
Haha I still need to watch tutorials on the whole thing but I have hope.
I’m hoping to use this model for Vtubing but the VR chat models seem to be best in terms of everything I need. It would totally be used for VR chat once I get the funds.

Good topology and the model should be in T-Pose or A-Pose. Can see the difference between the two in this forum https://polycount.com/discussion/192810/t-pose-vs-a-pose
For the most part though in VRChat, either should be fine.

Also with sculpting it adds a fuck ton of polygons which would not be suitable for basically any real time application. You would likely need to do some retopology, this part will also likely check off the good topology part if you do it right.