Report the world (pls upgrade the sistem)

Problem with the reports of my world, (the players have fun) continues to be unjustly reported, the world has obtained the permanent tags [environment-inappropiate avatars-visuals environment-nudity] although there is none of this.

If there is none of that in the world then you got nothing to worry about.
Most of the times, these reports are people reporting avatars (but in the wrong menu)

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My friend were also really sad when she saw that when she post her new world public after one week and really small amount of visits her world got 1 report but I told her that its probably the system itself reporting itself as part of *check if works.
the world had almost no visitors.
Is there is any way to vrchat itself to tell creators *dont worry we reported your world just cos we running automatization checks with each single world ppl to keep track we just report it by ourselfs?