Replaced Gesture Not Functioning Like The Rest In Unity

An avatar I have been customizing for a while has a couple unused hand gestures, so I wanted to add a gesture I created to HandGuns. I created the animation using record and it functions to switch out a material (the FX controller and hand emote layers are custom for the avatar I bought, if it looks weird). After looking through an insane amount of tutorials, the only issue I can find is that the bar showcasing the animation gesture I made (second pic) looks weird in comparison to the other working gestures (first pic). The animation also works fine in previews, but does not work as a gesture when in-game.

Does anyone have any ideas/solutions? It would be much appreciated. I’d love to provide more info/screenshots if necessary.

For the bar under the orange item I’ve never noticed it, maybe my animator don’t have it.

Interesting that the second screenshot shows no transition in the time line. It’s probably not write defaults, those effect the running animator, not the exit time graph in the editor. Which is where the problem starts to show.

Just to be sure, have you tested the gesture anim file by itself? Like make it one of the existing options, verify then put back the regular animation.

Mainly because the advice inside that animator later is: try doing it again

If you mean the animation itself, yeah it works just fine. I’ve tried replacing an already used gesture slot with the new animation as well, and the timeline still looks like the lower one rather than the other ones. My guess is that it’s related to the animation rather than gesture setup but I’m rather clueless currently.

I’ve never seen an item so thin.

It’s either the transistions, the box (HandGun or Victory) or the animation file. so if you’ve ruled the animation out, then remake the other two?

I’ll give that a shot, thanks