Relocating Objects; Sync Translate offset for multiple players

So i created a program that randomizes an array, and then upon triggering a button, relocates a series of objects; incrementing the position progressively.

The problem: Player 1 and player 2 (depending on their process sync) will show the position of said objects with spaces in-between (i suppose due to the translate being triggered globally multiple times??)

Any clues on code changes that could be made to ensure all players relocate the objects to the correct positions?

Easiest solution would be to create a separate script that’s attached to the objects with a vector3 public variable that’s synced.

When the master/host is done randomizing the array he should update the vectors and request serialization.

Finally the clients recieve an “ondeserialization” event which they can use to move things to the same position as master.

is that scalable to 200 objects?

Shouldn’t be too much of an issue since you’ll only move things after the host/master tells everyone they changed positions.